Your Caravan or motorhome will receive a full damp test with an in-depth report. The damp test is carried out using an invasive technique, which is more likely to pick up any damp or ingress issues.

Water ingress is by far the worst enemy of your motorhome or caravan, it can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage in no time at all.  A damp test can give an early warning of any damp resulting from faulty or deteriorated body joint sealant, ill fitting or damage to habitation door, windows, seals and locker frames before its all too late.

With typical workshop labour charge between £60-£100 per hour, deconstructing your motorhome’s interior to rectify water-damaged areas can run up a bill of thousands of pounds, often avoidable with early diagnosis and rectification to the cause of the leak. 

The damp test typically takes around an hour and includes a full report.


  • Invasive Damp Testing Technique

  • 200+ Damp reading taken and recorded

  • Check for deteriorated or missing body joint sealant throughout.

  • Check all windows, doors and vents for ill fitment or damage

  • Check external seals and locker frames

  • Full Damp Test report


The Damp test report will highlight the results and any recommendations brought about from the performed tests. This will show you the areas of the vehicle that may require attention to maintain a suitable moisture level.