Product Code JA120


Manufactured in the UK by JacTone, the Home & Leisure Fire Safety Pack is an ideal purchase for use in your home, caravan, vehicle or boat. The pack comprises: 1 x ABC 600g Powder Domestic Fire Extinguisher & 1 x 1m x 1m Fire Blanket.

The Domestic Fire Extinguisher (ABC) can be used on wood, paper, textile, liquid and electrical equipment fires.

This requires no formal maintenance.

The Fire Blanket is for use on cooking oil fires.

Both of these products are BS Kitemarked and are listed on the National Caravan Council Approved Components Register. Key Features: Aluminium lightweight body – ABC extinguisher, Controlled discharge – ABC Extinguisher, Made in the UK, No formal maintenance required – ABC Extinguisher, BS 6165 Kitemarked – ABC Extinguisher, National Caravan Council certified, BS EN 1869 Kitemarked – Fire Blanket, 5 YearJAC Guarantee for the Powder Extinguisher (ABC), Supplied with mounting bracket – ABC Extinguisher.

Home & Leisure Fire Safety Pack

SKU: JA120